MOPED oil and look-alikes >> Baltic Sea
Image asar0407302008vvws

1 - oil platform
2, 3 - ship wakes
4 - oil spill
5 - center of cyclonic eddy

Oil spill fragmented into 5 parts due to the impact of wind and waves: 6.42, 3.80, 0.89, 1.69, and 7.53 sq. km ( left to right).
The earlier stage of the oil spill can be well seen in the Aqua MODIS image taken at 11:25 on the same day (see below).
Meanwhile, Aqua Terra image taken at 9:48 bears no traces of the spill (see below on the left).
Envisat ASAR, WSM, VV-polarization
July 30, 2004 at 20:08 UTC
Southeastern Baltic Sea

Green contours mark the position of the oil spill on the ASAR image taken at 20:08 the same day (see above)

Contact: Olga Lavrova